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Fiddlehead Miniature Fairy Gardens- welcome!

Welcome to, the website for Fiddlhead miniature fairy garden products for the UK and Ireland. Miniature gardening is a fast growing pastime and the Fiddlhead range is one of the market leading brands. Designed in the USA where miniature gardening has been popular for many years, the Fiddlhead brand offers quirky design, great value and plenty of choice. Please visit our stockists page to see your local stockist. For further information on current stockists please call 01225 812101.

What Are Fairy Gardens?

What Are Fairy Gardens?
A huge hit in the US, fairy gardens (also known as miniature gardening) combines dwarf plants with miniature ornaments, houses and other structures to create a whimsical miniature world. Limited only by your imagination, fairy gardens provide endless opportunities for artistic expression and encourage imaginitive play by children.

Fairy Gardens are often created in a container such as a planter, half barrel, or large pot, but of course can be incorporated into a rockery or main garden. Many people find that the container forms a neat border for a fairy garden and enhances the miniature look but the beauty of miniature gardening is that no two are ever the same! Container gardening is becoming popular with people who don't have access to a main garden, so miniature gardens are perfect if one lives in a flat or shared house but you yearn for greenery!

The Georgetown range of fairy garden products, under the Fiddlehead brand, was first launched in 2004 and is one of the market leading ranges in the US. As sole distributor we're delighted to present it to the UK for the first time. A beautifully designed, high quality product range offering a wide choice of houses, figurines and accessories at competitive prices, the Fiddlehead Fairy Garden brand is designed to appeal to children and adults alike.
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